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The Different Social Media Platforms And Influencer Marketing

If you are new to the world of influencer marketing, you might feel overwhelmed by all the social media channels out there. There are many new apps popping up in this digitalized age, where people spend more time looking at screens than ever before. Don’t worry! We will be looking at the top platforms for influencer-marketing and how they can be best used.


Instagram is the most widely used social media channel by influencers. This is due to its high-quality visuals. Instagram Shopping has made it a huge success for ecommerce.

You will find Instagram influencers from varying categories such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and fitness, to name a few. Instagram has many different channels you can use to promote your brand and for influencers. Let’s take a look at a different type of influencer for some of the popular media channels on the app.

Reels are the most recent feature to be added to Instagram. This is similar to TikTok’s short video-posting format. This format has been very popular with fitness industry influencers, as you can see from this video. The influencer promotes Gymshark through her fitness content.

Use Heepsy to find Instagram influencers

So, when it’s time to start a campaign with Instagram influencers, the first thing you need to do is find influencers that clearly align with your brand values and campaign objectives. Heepsy makes it easy to search with dedicated filters that make it more efficient. This is how you search for Instagram. Select ‘Instagram’ from the top menu.


YouTube is all about video content when we consider it a platform for the influencer market. This takes a little more time to ensure that you’re getting it right. You’ll be rewarded for your effort.

You’ll find that YouTube influencers also come from a wide range of categories, some similar to that of Instagram, and some slightly different. YouTube is extremely popular for influencer-marketing because of the detail and variety of content that can easily be posted. Many influencers create videos to show how they use the product. These videos can include a tutorial or unboxing and a complete review.

YouTube’s gaming category is home to some of the most prominent YouTube influencers. This is in contrast to other channels such as Instagram. Gamers are able to become a community and share their opinions with other gamers.

Use Heepsy to find YouTube influencers

Heepsy allows you to search for YouTube influencers in a way that is as efficient as Instagram. You can instead choose “YouTube”, as shown below.


In recent years, this platform has quickly become the most popular app. TikTok allows users short videos of 15 seconds, and also lets them add music or effects. This platform is more natural and authentic and encourages users creativity. This is why influencer marketing seems to have worked well.

There is something for everyone, so influencers are from all walks of life. TikTok’s algorithm changes the for you page to make sure users see videos that align with their interests. The foodies have been making the most of this app by posting many types of content. You will most often see a step-by -step recipe or baking tutorial.

TikTok has been a very popular app and influencer marketing platforms have recently been added to their search engines. You can now use Heepsy to search for TikTok Influencers!


While you might not hear as much discussion about Twitter influencers than others, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t include them in your influencer marketing campaign. As we mentioned, influencers tend to have loyal followers across all social media platforms. You might be able to follow influencers on Instagram if you have previously worked with them.

Twitter is popular with a different crowd than others, especially if you’re searching for a key opinion leader (KOL). Twitter might be the perfect platform for you, depending on who your target audience is and what your campaign objectives are.

Heepsy has made it easy to locate Twitter influencers. The first step is to search for an influencer using the YouTube and Instagram methods. Next, you will need to select the Contact filter and choose “Twitter”.


Let’s sum it up. While we believe that influencer marketing is the best way to increase your marketing strategy, you need to do your research and determine which social media channel works best for your needs. You can achieve your goals in 2021 by using an influencer marketing campaign. We recommend Heepsy, which helps you find the perfect influencers to match your brand, as well as providing key resources such as our helpful influencer contract template!

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