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The Future is Here: How Robots are Taking Over Jobs

From the late 1800s till the 1940s, switchboard operators jobs existed to connect people on the telephone line. As technology developed, switchboard operators were no longer needed, hence, people lost their jobs. Technology didn’t stop here, till today, many jobs are lost and taken over by robots. This is an advantage for companies to replace different professions with robots, and here’s why.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Customer experience can only add value to your company’s brand name. If a customer is happy, it encourages them to spend more and become loyal. Therefore, in some cases, robots can take over repetitive human tasks that lead them to become demotivated and stop customers from talking to tired or distracted employees. As a result, if customers work with robots, they could learn new skills and improve themselves.

Optimizing Production & Increasing Efficiency

Robots are automated and programmed to finish tasks they’re programmed to do. Unlike humans, robots don’t get tired or distracted leading them to increase productivity and efficiency. Moreover, robots can work 24/7 as they’re programmed to do a job. They don’t take breaks, have weekends, sick days or even sleep at night. This means you’ll be meeting your customers’ order deadlines in no time.

Additionally, you can adjust the robot’s program to easily switch between processes. This can be as simple as a customer demand or a product adjustment. This leads to a better overall customer experience, efficiency and production.

Lower Costs

Replacing labour comes with its own set of advantages. It’s not always possible, but when it is it can decrease the costs. As robots can take over some human jobs, the employer will be able to save the income and other indirect costs including bills (electricity, heating, etc.)

Improved Health and Safety

If you employ a robot, health-threatening tasks can be taken over by it, to decrease putting people’s lives at risk. Take the digital wallet as an example during the pandemic. Due to the coronavirus, people are now taking precautions by paying digitally and avoiding interactions with others to protect themselves.

In fact, today, some robots can disinfect the place or even send messages to people. This helps decrease the risk of getting infected. Quara Robotics is an example where you can find robots to help put the health and safety of employees first.

Reduce Labour Turnover

Highly skilled workers are hard to find and expensive to employ. That’s why if the job can be replaced with a robot, after it’s programmed it would do the job for free, reducing the costs, offering greater flexibility, and higher productivity.

There are plenty of advantages to having a robot taking over at companies for the owners. However, it’s a disadvantage for job seekers, as it becomes harder to compete and find a job. This leads to a lot of impact on the economy. That does not mean you shouldn’t rely on robots to assist in tasks, but not all jobs should be replaced with robots.

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