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Tips by Podiatrists for Arthritis Pain Management

Living with any type of ailment is painful. One of them is Arthritis, as it makes every moment in your life difficult. Having a specialist of feet, also called a Podiatrist or a doctor of the leg is necessary in that case. They will tell you what to do and what to ignore.

The Podiatrist in Irvine Orange County are the best in the state of California. They specialize in Orthotics, toenail laser treatment, and therapy of Stem cell for Arthritis

Following are the tips suggested by leading Podiatrist to relieve Arthritis pain.

Pay attention to your legs

  • Due to arthritis the shape and positioning of the bones in the leg could be changed, resulting in a change in the fitting of your footwear.
  • Never ignore any swelling on the toes; it could be gout or psoriatic arthritis.
  • Never ignore any pain be it in the knees, heels, or toes as they all can be a form of arthritis.

People having extreme pain in the knee can opt for medical treatments. One such effective treatment is getting stem cell for knee injury.

Get the right kind of medical treatments

  • Along with a Podiatrist, also refer an orthopedic and rheumatologist so if there’s anything wrong with your feet, they will be able to treat it properly.
  • Refer to other doctors if the existing ones aren’t able to treat you.
  • Use of proper medicines. Some medicines might reduce the soreness and the pain, but not cure the actual problem. Instead, some of them might even worsen the existing problems.
  • Use of natural things like Epsom salts, cold and heat compression, and supplementation with diet.

Exercise properly

  • Avoid exercising on hard surfaces like concrete or cement, marbles as they provide zero grips. They offer heavy resistance when you push your foot on them. Use a rubber mat or padding on concrete to reduce it.
  • Try moving your legs regularly to loosen up the tight tendons. That will keep the existing range of motion of your legs intact.
  • Perform toe isolating exercises as no other type of exercise works the toes in general.
  • Perform low-impact exercises to avoid extra strain and pressure on the tendons and joints.
  • Avoid going barefoot on hard or soft ground.

Use of proper gears

  • Use good quality and cushioned footwear, whether it is for sports or daily use
  • Avoid using high-heeled and flat-soled footwear as it will make you feel uncomfortable and put unnecessary pressure on the feet joints.
  • Use of toe sleeves made of compression fabric will be recommended for people suffering from toe swelling.
  • Use crest pads, arch supports, and inserts in shoes that offer stabilization to the muscles and also relief and comfort.


If all the tips have been put in use, the person ailing with arthritis will feel some relief in their feet. Since all types of Arthritis are incurable, they will have to follow everything necessary until they can afford to do so. Proper medicines, diet, exercises, and gear will make sure not to worsen the pain.

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