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Types of Vehicle Accidents

Accidents are inevitable, and whether you are on the highway, in a parking lot, or driving through a remote area, an accident can happen anytime and in different situations. Understanding the type of accident and what was the cause can affect your claim significant. If you incur injuries, then their scope and nature can determine your claim’s worth. However, you’ll still need a professional’s help by hiring the right car accident attorney from a reputable firm like the Rosengard Law Group to give you adequate legal representation.

Depending on your car accident, you could sustain mild to severe injuries or not get injured at all, but your car incurs some damage. The following are the common types of car accidents you should be aware of;


You might follow all traffic rules, and the recklessness of another driver costs you dearly. With a head-on collision, one driver drives through the wrong way of a one-way street or an exit ramp. In most cases, the result is a devastating and potentially fatal accident. In such a case, the fault is clear, and with the help of a car accident attorney, you should get all the compensation you deserve.

Rear-end collisions

This is one of the most common types of car accidents and can happen anywhere from the highway to the parking lot. They mostly occur when a driver is distracted and not paying attention to what is happening ahead of them. It could also happen if a particular driver immediately orunexpectedly brakes. With rear-end collisions, it is essential to determine the at-fault party to get adequate compensation and not be a victim of someone else’s negligence.

Side-impact collisions 

When this type of collision happens, they often lead to severe injuries and can sometimes be fatal. They occur when the side of a vehicle is hit by the front or rear of another car and, in some cases, by a fixed object. It leaves the car in bad shape, and the drivers and passengers on the impacted side can sustain far worse injuries than would in a different crash.

Multi-vehicle collisions

When an accident involves three or more cars, it can be classified as a multi-vehicle collision and occurs mostly on busy roads, freeways, and highways. The worst part about these accidents is that they can be worse than any other type since a car can get impacted on multiple angles. Such accidents are tough for any vehicle to absorb and can cause severe injuries. What’s more, sometimes it’s hard to avoid multi-vehicle collisions, especially when caught in between two or more negligent drivers.

Vehicle rollover 

When a vehicle rolls over, the aftermath is not entirely pleasing. The crashes are quite complex and violent. A vehicle rollover can be caused by the driver’s actions, road conditions, vehicle, and environmental factors. Other factors include speeding, drunk driving, and the location of the road.

There are various types of accidents, and we don’t choose which one we’llencounter. Once you are behind the wheel, you are exposed to a lot of risks, and the best you can do is take the necessary precaution measures and hope the rest of the drivers do as well. However, in the unfortunate incident, ensure you hire a car accident attorney to get you the compensation you deserve.

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