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What are the scoring chapters in Class 10 Science?

Class 10 board exam is one of the most important examinations for students. There are various subjects for which students have to prepare to appear for the board examination. One of these subjects is Science. The syllabus of Class 10 Science is vast as the syllabus comprises chapters from physics, biology, and chemistry. It is not surprising that many students find Class 10 Science difficult to study, but we are here to help you out to organize your Class 10 Science preparation in a way that you score amazing marks without tirelessly waking up day and night.

We already mentioned that the Class 10 Science syllabus has been roughly divided into Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. There are five units in total and each unit has been allotted separate marks. There is no uniform distribution of marks amongst these units. Each chapter in Class 10 Science has a different level of difficulty. But which of these are the most scoring chapters in class 10 science? Let’s get to the answer.

The most scoring chapters in Class 10 Science are as follows –  

Unit 1: Chemical Substances – Nature & Behaviour
  • Chapter 1 (Chemical Reactions)
  • Chapter 2 (Acids, Bases & Salts)
  • Chapter 3 (Metals & Non-metals)
  • Chapter 4 (Carbon Compounds
  • Chapter 5 (Periodic Classification of Elements)
25 Marks
Unit 2: World of Living
  • Chapter 6 (Processes of Life)
  • Chapter 7 (Control & Coordination in Animals & Plants)
  • Chapter 8 (Reproduction)
  • Chapter 9 (Heredity & Evolution)
23 Marks
Unit 4: Effects of Current
  • Chapter 11 (Effects of Current)
  • Chapter 12 (Magnetic Effects of Current)
13 Marks
Unit 3: Natural Phenomena
  • Chapter 10 (Natural Phenomena)
12 Marks
Unit 5: Natural Resources
  • Chapter 13 (Sources of Energy)
  • Chapter 14 (Our Environment)
  • Chapter 15 (Management of Natural Resources)
07 Marks

The above table shows the most scoring units along with the chapters. We can see that Unit 1 consisting of five chemistry chapters and Unit 2 consisting of four biology chapters are the most scoring chapters for Class 10 Science. Since these chapters carry the maximum marks, you should focus on completing these chapters first and then move on to others. Now that you know which chapters are the most scoring, you must also be aware of how to approach these chapters to make sure that you get the maximum marks in class 10 science.

Some important study tips for Class 10 boards Science examination to score high marks are as follows – 

  1. NCERT Should Be Your Priority: Every Class 10 board student must be informed that the complete Class 10 Science board exam paper is based on the NCERT textbook. Whatever topics are present in the NCERT Science textbook must be covered first. Do not leave out any sub-topic, any exercise question, or any example. From diagrams to facts, everything needs to be covered.
  1. Maintain Subject-wise Notebooks: To be able to organize your study methodically, you must maintain subject-wise notebooks. This will help you in easy revisions and your exam preparation.
  1. Diagrams and Tables: As you go through the chapters in biology and physics, you will find multiple diagrams of importance. All these diagrams are equally important from the exam point of view. You must try drawing these diagrams and labelling them – this way you will practice and learn the diagrams well. Now, in Chemistry, in chapters like Acids, Bases, and Salt and Classification of Elements, you will have to prepare charts and tables to get a better understanding of the formulas and equations. Make chapter-wise tables to not get confused while sitting down with them later for revision.
  1. Previous Year Question Papers: Previous years’ Class 10 Science question papers are easily available online or in the market. You can get these previous years’ question papers and start solving them. Firstly, solving these will help you in understanding and getting acquainted with the pattern of the question papers and how marks are distributed. Secondly, you will be able to work on your time. You should try solving these papers in the stipulated time (3 hours) to make sure that you can complete your paper on time. Practicing regularly will help you in completing your paper early to have revision time as well.
  1. Work on Your Weakness: We have mentioned earlier that all the chapters in Class 10 Science have a difference in the level of difficulty and this also depends on person to person. There may be some topics or questions that are not easy for you – in that case, you should highlight these topics or questions and note them down separately. The first thing that you should do is discuss these parts with your teacher who can simplify and make things easier to understand for you. Second, when you are revising, make sure to touch these points first and then only move to other topics and questions.
  1. Revise: Vast syllabus means that there is so much to study and it is normal to forget something as you keep proceeding with the syllabus. To prevent yourself from forgetting the concepts and basics of chapters, you must keep revising regularly whatever you are covering each day. The revision will ensure that you do not miss out on anything. Daily revisions help you in not straining yourself studying day and night before exams.
  1. Take Care of Yourself: Health is the most important thing in life. Without proper health, you will not be able to study and take your exams. A good body and mind will encourage your learning process. You should work on your daily routine – do not stress yourself out with studying endlessly. Eat healthy food and avoid junk as much as possible. Incorporate other activities as well like playing. Sleep properly for a minimum of 7 hours and take breaks in between your study time. Exercise and mediation can help you in calming your mind.

With all the above details, you can transform your exam preparation and move closer to scoring high marks in your Class 10 Science exams. Start making changes to your exam preparation now and become one of the top scorers!

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