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What Does Human Resources Mean?

As a term, human resources mean the people that work for a company. In other words, human resources are employees. Human resource is the department responsible for a plethora of duties that involve a company’s human resources.

What is the Human Resources Department?

The human resources department of a company is an essential part of a business organization. They are responsible for several duties and responsibilities, with the primary goal of making sure all employees have what they need to fulfill their jobs successfully. This can include compensation, promotions, and addressing employee relations and issues.

The first person to coin the term “human resources” was John R. Commons, an American institution economist. He mentioned the term in his book, “The Distribution of Wealth,” published in 1893. However, it wasn’t until the 19th century that human resource departments were formerly developed and integrated into organizations to address misunderstandings between employees and employers.

The 6 Key Functions of a Human Resource Department

There are many different functions of a human resource department. No matter how small or big a company is, a human resource department is essential in making sure employees are well-taken care of.

These 6 Key Functions are:

  1. Oversee compensation and benefits
  2. Recruit employees
  3. Manage employee performance
  4. Ensure a working and harmonious company culture
  5. Promote training and development
  6. Protects the rights, safety, and labor regulations of employees

By ensuring that these critical functions are in place, human resource departments guarantee a high-functioning and effective workforce. With this, the company can reach its goals and objectives, no matter what they may be.

The department may be one whole organization within the company or separated in terms of their functions. Let’s discuss each one:

Overseeing Compensation and Benefits

The HR (human resource) department makes sure all the employees are paid on time, correctly, and that benefits are provided for. This could take the form of medical insurance, social security payments, paid leaves, and other essential benefits.

Recruit Employees

When a company needs to hire a new employee or a position is open, the HR department is responsible for finding the right person for the position. They can advertise for the job opening, conduct interviews, testing, and make sure the right candidate is hired for the job. The department is also responsible for drafting contracts, initial training, and ensuring all the necessary paperwork and documentation are fulfilled.

Manage Employee Performance

The HR department is also responsible for making sure employees are doing their job. They are also entrusted with picking out the employees that deserve a promotion.

Ensure a Working and Harmonious Company Culture

The HR department makes sure they can help manage conflicts between employees, and employees and employers. They also conduct workshops to promote company culture, such as organizing teambuilding activities and recreational activities that encourage company spirit and cooperation.

Promote Training and Development

They seek to enhance their employees’ capacity and skills by offering free workshops, training, and further education for their current employees. This can include giving scholarships for graduate studies, sending employees to national or international conferences, and making sure the employees can be optimally productive in the workforce.

Protects the Rights, Safety, and Labor Regulations of Employees

The HR department is also responsible for making sure employees are safe and protected within the company. They handle sexual harassment complaints, workplace issues that affect an employee’s productivity and make sure the company adheres to labor practice regulations.


In general, human resources is used to call a company’s employees. In an organization, the human resource department is a section of a company that manages the company’s human resources needs.

The HR department has a multitude of specific functions, ranging from recruitment to compensation to making sure the company culture is upheld at all times. The HR department’s primary goal is to ensure all employees are happy and safe within the company so they can contribute to the organization’s overall success.

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