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What Features to Look for in Small Portable Rock Crushers Made in the USA

Rock crushers are designed to reduce large run-of-mine materials, like ore lumps and rocks, into small sizes for more processing downstream. The process may include tertiary, secondary, or quarternary stages based on the end-product requirement and material in the first stage of crushing rocks or ore lumps.

This process often involves the use of the best portable rock crushers, like sizers, cone crushers, jaw crushers, cone crushers, hammermills, and feeder-breakers, to name a few. Most of these rock crushers come with features that you should look for when choosing the right equipment to use:

1.     Portability

Portable rock crushers, such as the Senja 600 Portable Jaw Crusher, are completely portable, making it easier to move it around and to any work site. As one of the best small portable rock crushers made in the USA, the crusher’s re-positioning and transportation is more convenient than a stationary jaw crusher with the same features.

It also comes with three conveyors. The first conveyor is for aggregate, the second for dirt/fins, and the last one comes with a magnet used to pull out the wire, rebar, or other metal components.

2.     Automation

The technology used in rock crushers keeps on developing in terms of safety and automation. Some of the modern’s rock crushers come with systems, which help to adjust the Closed Side Setting (CSS)) without shutting down the whole machine. Such rock crushers ensure bearings don’t exceed the normal temperature required for operating.

In addition, there is a safety feature used to automatically shut down machines when they encounter out-of-the-spec material, like steel or rubber. This, in turn, protects the bearing or shaft against any damage.

If you have a tight budget, experts recommend that you consider a power machine as well as its brand name over. But bigger business organizations can justify automation features with high-cost.

3.     Flexibility

If you want a rock crusher for just a small project, then small tools, such as a pry bar or sledgehammer, can be great. But if your project should be done in a large-scale operation, like quarrying, mining, or road asphalting, you must make sure the machine you go for has a higher level of mobility. This simply means that your rock crusher should easily navigate and traverse different forms of environments without topping over.

Because of that, the machine’s quality, the machine operator’s skills, and the type of environment are important factors to look at. There are rock crushers that are best left for skilled operators to handle. But still, there are other machines, which are friendly to a newcomer.

In addition, some small portable rock crushers made in the USA are equipped with industrial site-grade track pads and construction site-track trains that give those machines more traction. That means the machine operators will find it easy to maneuver the equipment over a sloped surface or surfaces with a coarser texture.


When looking for a rock crusher for your job site, it will be best to look at features it should have, including automation, portability, and flexibility. A machine with such features combine can guarantee you benefits like cost savings, portability, and potential revenue stream.

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