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What is VPS Hosting? Why is It the Right Choice for You?

Businesses looking for dedicated space to host their websites without incurring the huge costs involved in dedicated server hosting should opt for VPS hosting. This is a hybrid form of hosting that provides the benefit of dedicated space and bandwidth at a reasonable price. Highly suitable for businesses looking for stability and security or scaling up their operations without committing too many funds, the server price of VPS is also quite affordable.

Features of VPS Hosting

Highly popular among website owners, website hosting plans including a VPS server are lower in cost than dedicated hosting but offer more security, reliability, and better performance than shared hosting. These plans provide users root access to the server thereby providing them the freedom to install applications and even make environment changes without seeking the intervention of the hosting services provider.

The main features of VPS hosting plans are:

  • VPS server price is less than dedicated server price since it involves the separation of a single server into several virtual parts which are then dedicated for use by different clients.
  • A VPS server duplicates the properties of a physical server providing similar functionality.
  • These hosting plans include higher storage and bandwidth when compared to shared hosting. This reduces the chances of outages or fluctuations when the traffic volumes increase.
  • VPS environments can be accessed from anywhere and since the bandwidth and storage are allocated exclusively, they ensure uninterrupted operations.
  • VPS hosting plans may include one or 2 IP addresses.
  • One domain is generally given for free for one year and the same can be renewed on payment of additional charges.
  • These plans include access to one or 2 core processors
  • An important feature offered by good hosting companies is 24/7 technical support for your website.

Why Should You Choose a VPS Hosting Plan?

The basic reason for choosing a VPS hosting plan is to ensure that your website always runs smoothly, including when the traffic volumes are high. When you choose VPS hosting, visitors to your website can expect quicker response times and faster loading speed of the pages on your website. Good speed also ensures better operations of other features like live chat, live customer support, and webinars, thereby boosting the growth of your business and the returns earned by it.

Some major benefits of choosing a VPS hosting plan are:

  • Users have the flexibility of installing their own operating systems and software. They can also customize their control panel, make backups, and even run batch files.
  • The servers are designed to handle an increase in your website’s traffic and thus reduce the possibility of outages or slow loading times.
  • A VPS web hosting plan offers guaranteed access to disk space and bandwidth, ensuring uninterrupted operations.
  • Improved performance of your website and faster loading is received well by customers and creates even better visibility.
  • Since the operating system is not being shared with other businesses and users have root access to the server, user data remains safe.
  • The price of VPS server hosting plans is lower than dedicated hosting plans.

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