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Where should you refit your boat during the winter?

This winter, if you’re wondering where to get your boat remodeled, you don’t need to look any further. After looking at a number of other countries, the research team came to the conclusion that Turkey was the ideal location for the restoration. Keep reading to find out why a shipyard in Turkey is such an attractive option for yacht owners as well as crew members.

The Country

Turkey is an astonishing and one-of-a-kind nation, a storehouse of world history and a tomb of ancient civilizations. It is also the birthplace of magnificent tales, such as the Bible and ancient Greek epic, which was sung by Homer and admired by some of the most accomplished people in the world. This wondrous location has the power to grab our feelings and take us to a world filled with incredible tales and momentous incidents. Epic Troy, the well-known city of Halicarnassus, ancient Pergamon and Ephesus, exquisite Cappadocia with its one-of-a-kind underground villages, rock monasteries, and stunning otherworldly landscapes, astonishing and one-of-a-kind Istanbul, the glorious capital of four great empires… And this is only a small sample of the incredible places that can be found across our great nation. Today, Turkey holds the top spot in the world when it comes to the number of historical and ancient structures. Additionally, Turkey is a genuine champion on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, since it is home to two of the world’s “7 Wonders.” Because of all of these factors, Turkey is an attractive option for a holiday during the time that your yacht is being refurbished.

Help for the Crew

The majority of shipyards in Turkey want your time in Turkey to be joyful and devoid of stress, both in terms of your job and your leisure activities. The following time-saving services are offered for clients on a regular basis:

Transportation – to provide assistance with the planning of flights, car/motorbike and van rentals, and freight shipment for the boat as well as the crew. In addition, guests may regularly take use of the complimentary shuttle service.

Shipyards are usually glad to assist you in choosing the best long-term or short-term choice for you, whether it’s a villa or apartment rental or a suggested local hotel. Accommodations Shipyards are frequently pleased to assist you in selecting the best long-term or short-term option for you.

Expertise in the local area – Workers at the Shipyard are familiar with the area’s dentists and physicians, as well as the laundry services, restaurants, and places to go for day trips and for shopping advice.

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