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Why Vintage Leather Holsters Are Worth Considering At 

At the end of 2019, firearm enthusiasts across the U.S. had secured nearly 19 million concealed carry permits. Members of the community enjoy the ability to openly carry in about 30 states. Every pistol requires a trusted holster, and many of the vintage products at are worth considering.

Newly designed options often tout easy access capabilities. Older models can provide the same benefits while delivering a unique look and feel. If you are interested in a holster, it’s essential to make an informed decision and get the style you want. On The Functions of Everyday Vintage Holsters

A good holster isn’t just something to carry a pistol around on your hip, under the belt, or as a side piece. Veteran firearm owners in the community typically want the accessory to do a few basic things. The trigger or trigger guard must be securely covered or protected.

For example, a vintage US Marine Corps M1912 holster dating back to World War I sports a leather flap covering the firearm’s entire top. This design was beneficial for soldiers in the field who encountered foul weather and elements that could negatively impact a revolver’s performance. The leather flap has a snap to keep it down that doesn’t necessarily reduce retrieval ability. As a fan who wants to carry a side piece, this type of all-purpose belt holster can be an excellent choice.

Why Members Like About Old West Holsters

The iconic cowboys and outlaws that roamed the Old West carried some of the most eye-catching belt and holster rigs. If you are among the many movie buffs that check out the hardware, the image of owning an iconic piece seen in a western flick is ideal.

There are plenty of vintage and replicas holsters available on the platform worth bearing.

For instance, an Old West single gun-port leather replica requires only a modest investment. Double rigs aren’t much more and are a tremendous value for any collector. You can also find the classic Mare’s leg holster. Brown or black is a personal choice you’ll need to make.

The Team Talks About Vintage Shoulder Holsters

New shoulder holsters are typically made from lightweight materials. Vintage models enjoy the real leather feel and durability, making them worthy of any conceal carry option. For example, a leather and brass Sig Sauer P220 shoulder holster delivers an out-of-sight mag pouch.

Another quality option worth considering is the Safariland 101. This leather shoulder holster handles a 6- to 6.5-inch revolver. Although it has been associated with models such as the Sig 380, it can quickly secure other similarly sized models.

These and other vintage holsters offer the secure carry that firearms enthusiasts desire. What sets them apart from other choices is style.

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