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How are Keywords Important in Search Engine Marketing?

Keywords are deemed the foundation of search engine marketing. As you enter a keyword into the search query of Google to seek information on something, it would surprise you that the keywords tend to form the basis of the search engine marketing as an effective advertising strategy.

SEM Keyword Research

Before selecting the keywords to be used in your SEM campaigns, SEM Agency in Singapore does a comprehensive search as a part of your keyword management strategy. Firstly determine the keywords that are relevant to your business and that your leads will most likely use it for searching your products and services. One way to win at this is why using the free keyword tools available online, such as WordStream. All you have to do is just enter a keyword that is relevant to your business or service and check the related keyword suggestion ideas that form the basis of the different search engine marketing campaigns.

The free keyword tool of WordStream offers a lot of valuable info like search volume for each keyword in Google and its general competitiveness. Apart from helping you find the perfect keyword to bid on, it also determines the negative keywords. In other words, they are irrelevant terms that most likely wouldn’t lead to conversions.

Keywords and account structure

Another important factor to consider here is the account structure. Logical keyword grouping and account structure can attain higher CTRs, lower costs per click and usually stronger overall performance and keyword research to structuring your account in the best way. There are five elements involved:

  1. Ad campaigns: focuses on similar products or services
  2. Ad groups: let each campaign be further subcategorized for relevance.
  3. Keywords
  4. Ad text
  5. Landing pages

For more information on keywords, visit the website.

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