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Why you Need a Wheel Chair Ramp at Home

Wheelchair ramps are handy for people with disabilities and the elderly. They are usually installed in businesses and public buildings. Fitting one in your home comes with many perks. If you’re considering installing a wheelchair ramp in your home, this article discusses the reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate.

What is a wheelchair ramp?

This is an inclined plane installed to or in addition to stairs to help wheelchair users access buildings with ease. They are carefully designed and can be bolted or attached to a specific place. Ramps come with various specifications. It’s advisable to understand the requirements for ada ramp width, slope, rise, and alterations to get the right ramp.

 There are three distinct types of ramps; these are; portable, semi-permanent, and permanent. The categories of portable ramps are;

  • Folding ramps
  • Rollable ramps
  • Modular ramps
  • Suitcase ramps

What are the advantages of installing a wheel chair ramp in your home?

  1. Enhanced mobility

A ramp improves mobility for the disabled, the elderly, and any other person with mobility issues. They lower the risk of injuries and improve safety around the home. You can install ramps in different parts of the house, and they are useful for wheelchair users on doorways, steps, and sliding doors. Wheelchair ramps make it easier to access or leave home. With a ramp at your front door, it becomes easier for the elderly or the disabled to comfortably access your home.

  1. Raises the value of your home

A ramp will significantly raise the value of your property. If you plan to sell it in the future, you’ll likely fetch a better price than a home without a ramp. Potential buyers with disabled or elderly persons will find your home appealing. As such, a ramp is a worthy investment in your home.

  1. Varied uses

A ramp is not only useful for persons with mobility impairment; you can use it for many other purposes in your home. You can use a ramp to move furniture, groceries, and many other items. It saves time and energy and can handle bulky items.

  1. Easy installation

Ramps come in varying sizes to suit varied needs, making it easier to get what matches your preferences. You can also have your ramp customized as per your specifications. Moreover, they are also easy to install. For instance, you can separate your portable ramp into two parts, making it easier to move them and install them in any location.

  1. Low maintenance costs

Wheelchair ramps are strong yet light-weight. They feature no electrical parts and require minimal maintenance. All you need is to adapt the ramp to the right elements and avoid exceeding the weight limits. Although wheelchair ramps may seem costly, they are durable and are an excellent investment in the long-run.

Final thoughts

Installing a wheelchair ramp in your home has many gains. Go for the right design; it will allow easy access to anyone confined to a wheelchair. Ensure that the ramp has a strong built to avoid accidents. To get the right ramp for your home, refer to the ADA guidelines for more details.

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