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5 Tips on How to Invent Something

Inventing is all about problem solving and not every invention will be as monumental as the lightbulb or combustion engine. Across the U.S., inventors are working on projects small and large to solve the problems that many people may not even think about until the solution is presented to them.

Inventors look at ways to improve the quality of life. Whether for industries or everyday people, there are solutions to be had.

If you’re looking to develop an invention of your own, read on for essential tips to help you out.

Look for Inventor Groups

Inventor and entrepreneur groups are all over and they provide a great resource for like minded people.

These groups offer networking opportunities, resources, and guidance and they’re especially useful to younger or less experienced entrepreneurs. It can allow you to learn from other’s mistakes or take advantage of their advice.

Begin Researching Product Development Processes

The process of developing a new product is an important aspect of any inventor’s career.

Familiarize yourself with the process by reading journals and periodicals. Keeping up to date with the newest developments is crucial in a world that is changing and evolving as quickly as ours.

Keep the steps in mind as you brainstorm as this process should inform your ideas to a degree.

Get to Know Your Target Market

This may seem like a no brainer but familiarizing yourself with those who will use your invention will be important in getting all the details of the solution correct.

Obtain an honest account of their problems and what works, or would work, best for them. Think of it like crowdsourcing or focus grouping an invention. If an invention is a solution to a problem, then of course, you’d want the target market to provide the pros and cons of that solution.

Stick to What You Know Best

The most successful inventors stick to what they know best.

Doing so will ensure they have good insight. If the target market is yourself, who better to create an invention for that problem? Moreover, you’ll have better access to people in your target market for advice and focus grouping.

Experts in coding and software will develop effective software solutions. Experts in manufacturing can apply industrial technology to commercial/personal applications; for example, the X-Carve from Inventables

Consult with experts in your field and heed their advice when developing your invention.

Know the Ins and Outs of Patents

One of the most important steps in the product development process is obtaining a patent for your invention.

Registering your invention will protect your product or intellectual property from others copying that idea and selling it as their own.

At some point in the invention process, you’ll speak with a patent attorney about your invention. However, familiarize yourself with patent law beforehand. This will save you time and you won’t head into that first meeting blind.

Remember, this is a crucial step to protecting your idea and it’s not something to put off until the last minute.

How to Invent Something

Performing the proper research before you dive into the inventing process can save you a ton of time and a lot of headaches.

So identify a problem and get out there and create a solution!

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