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The New Instagram Option Would Enable You to Share Stories with Your Profile Mentioned

Instagram never fails to amuse us. The media sharing platform, Instagram has been on trend and talks for rolling out exciting features. Ever since a decade, the Facebook-owned social media has been focusing on its Story feature and for all the good reasons. And talking about Stories, it appears that another amazing feature might be on the cards.

This newly introduced option can be an exciting thing for all the brand accounts present on Instagram. Instagram has launched new Stories @mention option, to tap into the surging popularity of Stories. This one feature has been brought into the foray to highlight stories that have your profile mentioned and helps you to re-share them easily into your personal Stories stream and garner Instagram likes.

What Is This New Option That Everybody Is Talking About?

The new option can be found by the @symbol at your Create mode options. Upon sliding over this Create mode option, you would observe that it says ‘See all 3’ right at the screen top, indicating the number of stories @mentions your profile contains at any subjected time.

What happens After Clicking on the ‘See all 3’ Button?

Upon clicking on the ‘See all 3’ button, you would be guided through to the display of a Stories frames thumbnails that has your profile mentioned. You can, therefore, select any one of the listed thumbnails, and re-share the frame into your personal Stories feed.

Why is Option Useful?

The option can prove really effective for brands that are on the lookout to display relevant mentions, which constitute of feedbacks from the customers, marketing partnerships from influencers, endorsements, etc. Taking a tour through your Stories mentions on a regular basis is worth it when you determine to amplify the relevant messages, thus adding social proof through the comments of the customers.

Is the Option Widely Available?

At this juncture, it is hard to determine how much the option is accessible. The option-Stories About You was launched by Instagram a couple of months back, proving an exact listing of active Stories that has you @handle mentioned. However, the listing is solely available to Instagram users with a Creator or a Business account.

To whom is This Option Available?

You might think the same limitationsare applicable here, and that @option is not available for the profiles that are individual. But whether the option has been made available to all the creator and business accounts is still unclear at this juncture. Instagram has been asked for clarification on the same.

It is worth your effort to check the new Instagram Create mode option, to note if you have it as mentioned, for the brands. The option can be really useful to alleviate your Instagram followers and customers. The influencers and brands would extract appreciable benefits from this option, as it would ease their task of boasting about their feedback that they are garnering from the audience and customers.

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